Am I covered if the smart meter causes a home fire?

A couple of times a year, a prospective client will ask me whether or not they’ll be covered if the home has a smart meter and it causes a fire.  Most people asking this question have concerns arising from two areas,

  • The smart meters originally were not UL certified
  • There have been reports of fires at homes & businesses that were started by smart meters

I understand the concern because I have one of these devices attached to my wood framed home!

To get a better handle on this, I’ve talked with a number of claims adjusters from several different insurance companies and the short answer is, “No.”  I’ve never seen a fire claim denied on that basis whether an item is UL certified or not.

In addition, the insurance company will still pay the fire claim whether it’s determined,

  • the meter caused the fire
  • or it resulted from being improperly installed

The insurance may elect to subrogate the claim against the manufacturer of the unit or the installer, but they’ll repair or rebuild the home.

Have a question on what’s covered or not?  Post it on our Facebook page or in the comments section and I’ll get an answer for you!

Evie Wise
Evie Wise


Evie Wise
Evie Wise

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