Wise Insurance Group was founded on working with individuals and families regarding their personal insurance needs.  Our focus is you, whether you need car, home or life insurance, or some combination of all three.   We’re committed to understanding your needs, goals and dreams.  This enables us to provide you with expert advice and competitive offerings that are tailored to you.

Our job is not done when we write a policy for you.  In fact, it’s just begun.  We’re here for you when you have a question, something changes in your life, or there’s a problem and you need to file a claim.  We make it easy to communicate with us and us with you.  That’s why we use a variety of tools to make us available including, email, phone, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Our goal is to be a valued and trusted partner with you.  Many people utilize career and personal coaches.  Others have accountants and financial advisors.  Wise Insurance Group wants to be your insurance advisor.  This was our motivation in creating a blog that addresses topics that help educate you on matters that may concern you and help us serve you better.

Call or email us if we can assist you with your personal insurance needs.

Evie has been my insurance agent for many years now. She is perhaps the most knowledgeable person in insurance I have ever dealt with and always gives you the information and available choices like you were family. Her service is exceptional and her advice has always been invaluable for me and my family. I can say without a doubt that I would highly recommend her for anyone’s insurance needs


The second largest purchase most people make is their car or truck.  As an independent insurance agency, Wise Insurance Group knows it’s important to protect your purchase completely and properly.  Good protection doesn’t have to break the bank either.  That why we work with multiple carriers to help find you the best possible coverage at the lowers possible price without sacrificing protection on your car or truck.
Wise Insurance Group will work with you to identify what type of coverage and how much coverage you need.


Home!  The very word brings up warm thoughts of comfort, security, rest, laughter.  It’s a place we dream about and long for.  Wise Insurance Group understands these feelings.  It’s what we feel when we think of our homes.  We believe in protecting these dreams and your investment with the right insurance for you.
Wise Insurance Group works with a dozen carriers. Whether you’re buying your first home, a town home, condo, lake house or the home you’ve always dreamed about, we have the solutions that will protect you well and do so affordably.
We work with you to identify what type of coverage and how much coverage you need.


Own or buying a condominium?  This type of home is covered differently than a single family home as the Home Owner’s Association typically has a policy that covers the building’s exterior, roof, building structure and common areas.  In addition, the HOA policy usually provides some level of liability protection for the association to protect it in the event it is sued for negligence.
Condo policies cover the interior of the home, from the sheet rock in. This includes walls, flooring, cabinets, plumbing and lighting fixtures in addition to your personal property. Wise Insurance Group works with you to identify how much coverage you need.


Umbrella policies, which are also called personal liability policies, provide an extra layer of protection over you!  They were created to protect you financially in the event someone sues you for negligence or some other reason.  They extend the liability limits of your home and auto insurance usually by an additional $1 to $5 million. They are not just for professional athletes, celebrities and the wealthy either.  Who should consider one?  We typically recommend umbrella’s for;
  • People who have a pool or trampoline in their yard (fenced or not)
  • Business owners, physicians, lawyers, CPAs, dentists and more
  • Households with a combined income over a certain amount
  • People who have a trust or an inheritance


Townhomes can be insured in one of two ways, either as a single family home or as a condominium.  What determines this is what kind of insurance the Home Owner’s Association provides.
In the event that the HOA policy covers only common areas such as walkways, parking, club house, etc., as well as liability coverage for the association, the townhome policy will be written just like a single family home. The policy covers the exterior of the townhome, the interior and the owner’s personal property.
When the HOA policy covers these things as well as the homes’ exterior and roof, the townhome policy is written just like a condominium policy. The policy covers the interior of the townhome, from the sheet rock covering walls, flooring, cabinets, plumbing and lighting fixtures in addition to your personal property.
Wise Insurance Group works with you to identify what type and how much coverage you need.


Antique, classic and collector cars need to be insured with the same care and attention to detail that has been lavished on them in their restoration and customization.  Wise Insurance Group understands the difference between insuring your classic or collector car and your daily ride.  Whether you own a Model A, a Studebaker or an early model T-Bird, Corvette, Mustang or GTO, we have the solutions to protect them.
Your classic car coverage will be shaped by how the vehicle is used, the miles driven and what it’s worth. We work with you to help determine what solution best fits your classic vehicle.


Renting an apartment or home?  Renters insurance protects your personal property such as furniture, computer, TV, clothing, dishes and more when something happens.  This includes a water leak (yours or a neighbors), fire and theft to name a few.  Many apartment complexes and rental property owners even require that their renters have this insurance.
How much do you need? That depends on what you own and what it would cost to replace it. Wise Insurance Group will work with you to determine the amount of coverage.


Rental property can be a great investment that generates an ongoing income stream.  As such, rental property needs to be insured so that your investment is protected should something happen to it.  In addition, you as the landlord need to also be protected financially should a tenant file a claim against you. Wise Insurance Group works with a number of insurance companies to provide rental property owners complete protection for both their property and themselves.  These policies are available with;
  • Coverage for any contents such as appliances
  • Water damage coverage
  • Loss of rents due to a claim
  • Vandalism
  • Liability
We work with a number of clients to protect them thoroughly and affordably.  Whether your rental property is a condo, single family home, duplex, apartment building or some combination of these, we have the right landlord policy for.


There is nothing like the rumbling sound of a motorcycle heading down an open road.  Freedom, wind in the face and no cages.  Wise Insurance Group has multiple motorcycle insurance options that are tailored to you and your bike whether it is a cruiser, touring or sport bike. We will work with you to identify the type and amount of coverage you need and leave you enough money in your wallet to add that new option you’ve been eyeing.


The mist is rising off the water and the sun is peeking over the trees as you head out to search for that record bass.  Or maybe you prefer the excitement of finding that stretch of water that’s as smooth as glass and being the first to cut an arc of spray.

Whatever you enjoy doing on the water, Wise Insurance Group has the right kind of boaters insurance for you.  We insure all types of watercraft including;

  • Bass boats
  • Ski boats
  • Party barges
  • Sail boats
  • Jet skis
  • House boats

We will work with you to identify the right coverage that fits your budget from multiple carriers.


ATVs come in all shapes and sizes, some with three wheels and others with four wheels.  People use them to throw a little mud and dirt, work, or get from one part of their land to another. Wise Insurance Group will help you determine the kind of coverage you need, as well as the amount, without breaking the bank.