What is mobile home insurance?

Homeowners insurance needs to be tailored for the type of residence being insured. For Texas residents with mobile homes, the best option is usually mobile home insurance.

Mobile home insurance offers tailored coverage for mobile homes and manufactured housing. Policies are adapted for the values, construction methods, and locations of these homes.

When should Texas homeowners get manufactured home insurance?

Manufactured home insurance is broadly recommended for most Texas residents who have a mobile or manufactured home. Policies may cover a single-wide, double-wide, or factory-built house.

In many cases, mobile home owners are required to maintain certain coverages. Both communities and lenders might have certain coverage requirements. Getting coverage is generally recommended regardless of whether there’s an official requirement to, though.

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What insurance coverages does manufactured home insurance include?

The exact insurance coverages that a manufactured home policy can vary. Generally speaking, they offer protections such as the following:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Usually insures a mobile or manufactured home itself, typically protecting against damage stemming from a range of risks.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Usually insures personal items within the mobile home or on the lot, typically protecting against various causes of damage or loss.
  • Loss of Use Coverage: Usually insures certain living expenses, like meals and accommodations, if a covered occurrence makes the mobile home temporarily unlivable.
  • Personal Liability Coverage: Usually insures against potential liability lawsuits that might be filed against the policyholder or their immediate family members.

These coverages are highly similar to what might be found in a homeowners policy underwritten for a traditionally built house. They’re adjusted for a mobile or manufactured home when included in a manufactured home policy, though.

How is a named perils policy and an open perils policy different?

Mobile home policies might be underwritten as either a named perils or open perils policy. The difference lies in what risks the policy protects against.

Named perils policies normally only cover the risks listed in the policy. Open perils policies normally cover all risks except those  that are explicitly excluded. In most cases, open perils policies offer more comprehensive protection.

How are actual cash value coverage and replacement cost coverage different?

The personal property coverage that a manufactured home policy provides might be actual cash value coverage or replacement cost coverage. The two differ in how much they reimburse for covered personal property loss or damage claims.

Actual cash value coverage normally pays for belongings at their depreciated value, taking into account age, wear and tear, and the prices of used goods. Replacement cost coverage normally pays what it’d cost to replace belongings with like-new ones. Replacement cost coverage offers much more robust protection in most cases.

Are floods covered by manufactured home policies?

Most manufactured home policies don’t cover floods or similar. Mobile home owners who are concerned about flood risk can work with a knowledgeable agent to find a separate flood insurance policy. A policy could be available through the National Flood Insurance Program, or on the private market.

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What does HO-7 mean on a manufactured home policy?

HO-7 is an insurance industry designation for mobile and manufactured home policies. It’s part of a broader classification system that uses abbreviations to designate different types of homeowners insurance policies. 

An HO-7 policy is usually the right base policy type for insuring a mobile or manufactured home. If there’s another policy type that’s better, an agent who specializes in manufactured home policies will be able to recommend that option.

Are manufactured home and mobile home policies different?

Insurance companies generally don’t make a major differentiation between mobile home and manufactured home policies. HUD classifies mobile homes as those constructed prior to June 15, 1976, with manufactured homes being those built after. There’s usually little material difference between the terms for insurance purposes, though.

Where can Texas residents get mobile home insurance?

If you need help insuring a mobile home or manufactured home that’s in Texas, contact the independent insurance agents at WISE Insurance Group. Our agents will make sure you find mobile home insurance that’ll protect you, your things, and your place well.

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