What is electrician insurance?

Electricians face many of the common risks that most businesses are exposed to, and also risks that are more particular to electrical work. To help against these common and less common risks, electricians in Texas can get electrician insurance.

Electrician insurance generally provides specialized coverage for electricians and electrical contractors. Electricians can normally choose from a variety of property and liability coverages.

Who in Texas needs to have small electrical business insurance?

Electrical business insurance is something that any individual or business doing electrical work should probably have. This is usually the best option for electrical contractors in Texas. 

Although a policy generally isn’t required by state law, not getting adequate insurance can be costly if something happens.

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What protections does small electrical business insurance offer?

Small business electrical insurance may offer a variety of coverages, each of which may protect against different risks. Both liability coverages and property coverages are usually available.

Liability coverages normally protect against various lawsuits that might be filed against an electrical contractor, often paying legal fees and settlements for covered suits. Some common liability protections that policies frequently make available are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Could protect against basic accidents that result in third-party injuries or property damage, and may also apply if sued for defamation. Accidents are primarily commonplace accidents, like falls, and not car accidents.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Could protect against car accidents that a work van or truck is involved in. Other events that cause damage to a work vehicle, such as theft or hitting an animal, might also be covered.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Could protect against any property damage that’s the result of a mistake when working, and would likely also cover mistakes made when giving advice to customers.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Could protect against more expensive lawsuits if they exceed another liability protection’s limit.

Property coverages are normally for what an electrical contractor owns. This could be a building, equipment, or other items. There are a few property coverages that small electrical business policies frequently make available:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: Might insure a building that an electrical contractor owns, which could be an office, storage area, or other structure.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Might insure electrician’s tools, general tools, specialized and general equipment, wires, and other materials, along with additional items like computers.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Might insure electrician’s tools, other tools, equipment, and materials while they’re transported to and from customers’ locations.
  • Builders Risk Coverage: Might insure electrician’s tools, other tools, equipment, and materials when they’re at job sites.
  • Business Income Coverage: Might insure against prolonged income losses resulting from certain disasters.

Does small electrical business insurance come with protection for electrical fires and faults?

Most small electrical business policies will cover damages arising from electrical faults and fires, when these stem from mistakes that an electrician makes. An insurance agent who knows electrician liability coverages well can confirm whether a particular policy protects against these risks. 

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How much do electricians pay for insurance?

The cost of insuring a small electrical business varies. Premiums depend on a business’s scope of services, location and area served, employees’ qualifications, and many other details.

To find out how much insurance will cost in a specific situation, electricians can compare quotes from several insurance companies by working with an independent agent. Independent agents are able to request customized quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Where can electricians in Texas get good electrician insurance?

If you’re an electrician working in Texas, you should have electrician insurance that’s tailored to your particular needs. Contact the independent insurance agents at WISE Insurance Group, and we’ll make sure you find a policy that’ll protect you and your business well.

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