Marc Summers, the Food Network star & producer was in Philadelphia in early August taping an episode of Restaurant Impossible.  After the taping, he caught a cab to his next destination.  The driver lost control in the midst of a torrential rain storm, hydroplaned and crashed.  Summers wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and struck the partition between the front and back seats of the taxi disfiguring his face.  He required 4 hours of plastic surgery to put it all back together and should recover fully.

I’ve ridden in the back of cabs numerous times during past business trips and I can’t remember when I last buckled up.  Yet, I wouldn’t dream of driving anywhere without wearing my seatbelt or making sure my passengers are also buckled up.  So cab or limo, rain or sunny, wear the seatbelt.  It could save your life or help you avoid facial surgery.

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Evie Wise
Evie Wise

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