What time of year do most car accidents occur?

I attended a networking lunch last week and was asked an interesting question by Candace Carlisle, a journalist for the Dallas Business Journal.  The question was, “What month does the most car accidents occur?”  I didn’t know but knew who to ask so I sent an email to Scott Jergensen at Progressive Insurance.  Here’s the two part answer from one of their analysts.


The most accidents looking back over the past two years occur in October if we look only at property damage claims.  This varies from year to year and is usually influenced by how bad our winter is, when we do get ice and snow.


Comprehensive claims, claims that are not related to an accident and can be weather related (hail, flooding, etc.) tend to peak during the months of April, May & September.  These are the months where we have more unusual weather events such as hail and tropical storms.


Who would have known?!  Apparently Progressive did!


Evie Wise
Evie Wise

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