Billboard advertises guaranteed 700 FICO score?!

My wife and I visited my son and daughter in law that live in Houston over the weekend.  It was a great trip and we all had fun.  On the way to Houston, we passed two different billboards for a company advertising a guaranteed FICO score of 700.  I was very skeptical but called a friend of mine who’s helped people restore their credit.

Jerry confirmed what I’d suspected.

  • No one can truly guarantee a 700 FICO score if their current score is below 600.
  • They may be able to help you reach a 700 if you currently have a 650 score or better
  • This improvement is only temporary though if all they’re doing is contesting balances, late payments, etc.
  • That reprieve adjusts back to your current score once the bureau confirms the facts.

There’s no instant solution for a better score.  To improve your score to a 700 or better takes time and effort.  It involves bringing balances down to 30% of your available limit or less, paying on time and showing responsible use of credit.

Do that and you’ll pay lower premiums on your home and car insurance among other rewards!

Evie Wise
Evie Wise


Evie Wise
Evie Wise

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