We all “know” texting and driving don’t mix.  Cellphone use, not just texting, while driving (yes that includes talking), leads to distracted driving.  The combination can be disastrous for us and anyone we come in contact with.

  • At least 23% of traffic accidents each year involve cellphones
  • That works out to about 1.3 million accidents
  • And that includes 100,000 accidents where one of the drivers was texting

To help drive home that message, AT&T has pumped millions into a campaign called “It Can Wait.”  The campaign utilizes a web site, www.itcanwait.org, social media and TV adds to promote the message.  The website has an online pledge that urges us to sign before “No Text on Board Pledge Day” on September 19.

There is also a free app people can take advantage of.  The app runs on Android and BlackBerry phones.  While activated, it blocks users from receiving text messages and sends an auto-reply the user is driving.

I took the pledge.  Join me in the pledge!  If you do, post it on our Facebook page.

Evie Wise
Evie Wise


Evie Wise
Evie Wise

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