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I Got Hacked

Three weeks ago, I was outlining a post for Monday’s blog when I discovered my website had been hacked. My familiar main page featuring my latest two posts along with links to pages on home, car, life, and business insurance had been replaced by someone claiming to be a jihadist and that they now held all my previous posts. There was no request for ransom, just the smug comment they’d done this to me.

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Small Business Network Security

News sites across the internet, as well as local media, informed us that 1.2 billion usernames and passwords were stolen by an internet crime group located in a small city in south-central Russia. In addition to the usernames and passwords, over 500 million email addresses were also stolen and confidential material was obtained from 420,000 websites. The websites that were hacked included Fortune 500 companies as well as small internet sites.

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