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Net Neutrality, Politics, and Small Business

On November 14 of last year, I wrote a blog post on why small businesses should care about net neutrality (see I wanted to revisit it because of a Wall Street Journal article posted on Monday, January 5th which stated Republicans in Congress are working on plans to fight the FCC’s rules on net neutrality. The FCC had to revisit the work they were doing on net neutrality after President Obama made a speech calling for a free and open internet available to all.

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Legalized Marijuana, DUI, and Car Insurance

In November of 2012, the states of Colorado and Washington voted to legalize recreational marijuana usage. People can now legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana if they’re over 21. They may also legally grow up to six plants for personal use; however, they may not legally smoke in public places such as parks or on sidewalks.

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