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An Overview of Renters Insurance

I’ve written several renters insurance policies in the past few weeks for new college grads, people relocating to north Texas, and someone going through a divorce. Some purchased them because the lease requires it while others simply want their personal property covered against what may happen. I felt it to be a good time to revisit renters insurance and the coverage contained in a typical policy.

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Determining How Much Renters Insurance You Need

I’ve had an ongoing conversation with a prospective client on renter’s insurance. She’d been referred to me by a mutual friend who shared I could help her with getting a renter’s policy after moving out of a home she’d lived in for many years. The landlord does not require she have renter’s insurance, however, since she had moved out of a home our friend felt she needed the policy to protect what she owns.

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Why Have Renters Insurance?

I received a phone call last week from a woman who was referred to me by a mutual friend. She’s relocating to Dallas after going through a divorce. She’d rented an apartment and needed renters and car insurance. We talked about what she owned for her quote, and she asked me a question I thought was interesting; would she really need renters insurance if the complex didn’t require it as a condition of her lease?

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