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3 Life Insurance Questions to Answer Before Shopping

I talked with a young couple yesterday. They are in their 30s, have two kids, and are looking for life insurance on both spouses. They had reviewed their finances with their financial planner who’d recommended they purchase a life insurance for both them to augment their financial plan.

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3 Dubious Life Insurance Selling Strategies

I believe it’s important to talk with every client we serve about life insurance. This discussion is not designed to sell something to them, though many begin to put up an emotional wall when I raise the subject. My motivation is simply to confirm they have something in place. If at all possible, I want to avoid telling a surviving spouse I never talked about it with their wife, husband, or partner after a funeral.

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Life Insurance, E-Cigarettes, and Vaporizers

I met with a new client in the Carrollton area two weeks ago to complete setting up her car insurance. Once that was done, she wanted to discuss life insurance. She has a term policy which is beyond the 10 year term it was written under resulting in annual rate increases. She wanted to know what her options are.

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