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The Flying Wrench and the Car Insurance Claim

I was talking with a friend of mine who’s a Dallas area financial planner. His wife had just gotten their vehicle back from the repair shop after being in an accident where someone had hit them. The new paint on their vehicle was still curing so the car couldn’t be washed. As his wife drove on Central Expressway in Dallas, a wrench fell off a truck, struck their car, breaking the new grill and then gouging the hood. Luckily, the wrench didn’t hit the windshield in front of his wife or pass through it. She was safe, but they have another car insurance claim on their hands.

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End of Year Insurance Review

There have been a number of several articles and blog posts since the first of December on end of year financial planning and moves to make. Some are written to address end of year tax moves you can take now, while others address items to rebalance your portfolio better, open an IRA, and improve your financial position now and in 2016.

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Texas Car Insurance and Deductibles

How many deductibles does your Texas car insurance policy have? That depends on the coverage you selected when you purchased your policy. There are up to three deductible types available on most Texas policies including comprehensive, collision, and uninsured motorist. Before outlining each one, let’s first examine what a deductible is.

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