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Dallas County Leads Texas with Uninsured Drivers

If you live in Texas and are even a little curious as to which county leads the state with the highest number of uninsured drivers, here’s your answer. Dallas County continues to be number 1 in this inauspicious category as it has for at least the last 3 years.

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Dallas County Tops in Texas with Uninsured Drivers

The Texas Department of Insurance recently released a report detailing the number of people driving without coverage. The good news is the number of Texans driving without car insurance is still lower than it was a few years ago when it was over 20% of all Dallas drivers. The current figures show 1 in 6 people on Dallas roadways don’t have car insurance and this number is even higher than it was last year.

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Texas Driver Surcharges

The Dallas Morning News reported earlier this year on surcharges the state of Texas assesses to Texas drivers who are convicted of offenses such as driving while intoxicated, failure to maintain car insurance, and driving without a valid license or with an invalid license. These driver surcharges were enacted as a part of The Driver Responsibility Program in 2003.

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