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Do These Car Insurance Claims Count?!

I had two interesting conversations over the past two weeks. One was with a client I was assisting with their car insurance renewal, the other was with a colleague who was working on a car insurance quote for a prospective client. Both of the conversations are worth sharing here as they provide a great lesson on how even a small claim can impact your car insurance rate.

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Aluminum Wiring and The Dream House

I got a call from my realtor friend, John Brooks of JP and Associates, a couple of weekends ago. John was helping a young couple with their first home and they’d just received the inspection report. Everything about the home was perfect except for one thing: it was wired with aluminum wiring.

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The Home Inspection and the Cow

Every new home insurance policy is followed by an inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if the home truly meets the underwriting guidelines of the insurance company. My role as an independent insurance agent is to be the first level underwriter and confirm the home will pass the inspection so I ask questions to make sure I’m placing the home with the best carrier.

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