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Texas Home Insurance vs These 10 States

For the last 10 years, Texans have had the ignominious distinction of paying the highest or second highest home insurance rates in the nation. This year, we caught a break and are currently number three with an average annual premium of $1,625. Florida beat us out to take the top spot with an average annual premium of $1,991 followed by Louisiana with an average annual premium of $1,722 according to Value Penguin for 2015. Rounding out the top five were Mississippi ($1,451 a year) and Oklahoma ($1,428 a year).

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Home Insurance Deductibles

Texas home insurance policies are divided into sections. The first section outlines four core property coverage items (see Last week, we looked at the second section which outlines liability coverage, or coverage that protects you if something happens to someone in your home or on your property (see This week, we’ll continue this by looking at policy deductibles.

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Disaster preparation lessons from Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast, I’m reminded how important it is to be prepared for a natural disaster. It doesn’t have to be a hurricane that forces an evacuation. The disaster could be a flood (remember what happened in the Midwest last year), wildfires (Texas last year), hurricanes (Katrina, Ike, & Sandy), tornadoes (Joplin, Missouri & Tuscaloosa, Alabama) or an earthquake.

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