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Home Insurance Claim Steps

Sheri and I headed to join friends over the New Year’s holiday after checking in with all our clients located in and around where the tornadoes struck Garland, Rowlett, and the surrounding areas last week. We drove out I-30 toward where the twister struck near where the George Bush tollway and I-30 intersect. The damage sustained by the apartment buildings on the south side of the freeway was incredible; starting with rubble and progressing along the buildings to lost roofs and major damage.

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Home Insurance Deductibles

Texas home insurance policies are divided into sections. The first section outlines four core property coverage items (see Last week, we looked at the second section which outlines liability coverage, or coverage that protects you if something happens to someone in your home or on your property (see This week, we’ll continue this by looking at policy deductibles.

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The Importance of a Home Inventory

On Saturday, April 26, a low pressure front swept out of the Rockies across Texas, the southern plains, and across the southeast. It collided with moist air from the Gulf spawning 36 tornadoes over 8 states ranging from Arkansas to Virginia. As if the tornadoes weren’t enough, the same storm system dumped 12 to 18 inches of rain across Alabama and the Florida pan handle before swinging up the Atlantic coast causing widespread flooding.

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