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Hurricane Season Insurance Review

Welcome to hurricane season which runs from June 1 to November 30th. It’s a great time for Texas homeowners to take a few minutes to review their home insurance keeping in mind a hurricane or named storm can impact north Texas residents as easily as it does our coastal neighbors. Let’s address two key areas of your home insurance policy to review along with two other related policies.

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Texas Wind Insurance

Most Texas homeowners never have to think about wind insurance, it’s included with their home policy. When you see the wind / hail deductible listed with an amount or percentage next to it, this indicates your home policy covers it. Those Texans who own homes along our Gulf Coast, however, do need to think about wind insurance. Many home insurance companies don’t include wind coverage so those homeowners have to look elsewhere for this coverage.

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Proposed Changes for Texas Wind Insurance

People who live in the counties along the Texas coast usually have a policy that’s unfamiliar to most homeowners in north Texas. In addition to home insurance, most homeowners in the coastal counties of Texas will also have a separate wind insurance policy. This policy specifically addresses damage to a home caused by high winds normally associated with a hurricane.

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