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Texas Car Insurance and Liability Coverage

Most Texas car insurance policies may contain up to 7 sections within them. The first section forms the foundation coverage for our car insurance. In fact, it is the only section the state of Texas requires policy holders to carry, and that’s liability coverage.

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Car Insurance Liability: Split vs Combined Single Limits

I was reviewing a car insurance quote with a prospective client the other day. She and her husband are buying a new home and wanted to review their car insurance to see if they could save money on that as well. We were in the midst of discussing liability coverage when she asked me to explain the difference between split limits and combined single limits as she’d heard someone mention this to her.

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How Much Car Insurance do You Need?

I had coffee last week with a friend of mine in Dallas. We’ll call her Abby, not her real name. We were catching up on each other’s summer and how our businesses were doing; they’re both growing. Abby owns one of the top catering companies in Dallas handling everything from a family meal, when no one feels like cooking, to a sit down dinner for 5,000 people. She’s quite the chef! When my wife had eye surgery earlier this year, Abby gave me a batch of her tortilla soup to aid in Sheri’s recovery. It was the best soup either of us has ever had.

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