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Home Insurance Coverage Options

What would life be without options? Most people assume that all home insurance policies provide the same coverage, or that they cover everything that could potentially happen to a home. They don’t. Due to differences in policy types and what insurance companies provide as standard coverage, there are several options I recommend to most home buyers or owners.

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Looking Back at the North Texas Ice Storm

North Texas spent last weekend digging out from the previous week’s ice storm. The sun finally came out and we got above freezing allowing the ice to melt. By the middle of the week, power was restored to most people, schools were in session, people were working, and the roads were clear.

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The 2 types of water leaks & your home policy

??When it comes to water leaks, most insurance companies and their policies classify leaks into two categories;
Sudden & accidental
Slow drip or slow leak
Sudden & accidental: This type of leak is characterized as being sudden; it quickly materialized or occurred and it was unintentional.

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