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Home Insurance, Jewelry and Schedule Items

I received a text message from one of our car insurance clients last week. Her car had been broken into and a ring was missing. She wanted to know if the loss of the ring was covered by her car insurance. It’s not; whenever an item that is not a part of the car is stolen from a car, it’s considered a home insurance claim…

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Insurance Advice to Newlyweds

Today, my wife, Sheri, and I are driving from Dallas to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to celebrate and support my niece as she marries one very lucky guy! It will be a great time celebrating their love and cheering them on, not to mention the family entertainment that usually accompanies a gathering like this.

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Jewelry, Artwork & Collectibles; Does your home policy cover these?

?Early in my career I met with a client to review the changes we’d made to her homeowner’s policy. She’d completed a remodeling project so we updated the amount of coverage on her home. She gave me a tour of her home and then we sat down at the dining room table to review the policy changes. There were 4 beautiful paintings hanging on the walls and I asked her if they were originals. With pride, she beamed they were. The value of the paintings was about $32,000.00. We had discussed everything else except the artwork.

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