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Texas Car Insurance Rates Rise

If you think Texas car insurance rates are on the rise, it’s not your imagination. Based on a report released earlier this year by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Texas premiums now rank 11th highest in the nation. Two years ago, we were ranked 14th highest in the nation. The average Texas car insurance premium, based on the 2009 data used for the NAIC report (the most recent nationwide data available), is now $1,022 a year. The national annual average rate is $901.

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Where are The Worst Drivers in Texas?

Allstate Insurance Company recently released their annual list of cities with the best and worst drivers. Sadly, no city in Texas was included in the top 10 list for best or safest drivers. The only good news is no city in Texas made it in the top 10 of worst drivers either.

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Lessons from the Colorado Floods

The rain started falling in Colorado on Wednesday, September 11th. It rained, and rained, and continued to rain over the next several days. The rain on the 12th was particularly heavy when 4 to 6 inches of rain fell in less than a 12 hour period. In some places over 15 inches of rain fell during the multi-day storm. The creeks and streams rose and rivers overflowed their banks. According to the Colorado Division of Water Resources, water in many of the rivers and creeks had flows of over 1,000% than normal levels at the height of the flooding.

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