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Excess Flood Insurance

Over the past two weeks, I’ve written about flood insurance. I wanted to wrap up this theme and address one of the limitations of a standard, government backed flood policy and that is the policy’s limits. Limits are present on all forms of insurance including home, car, jewelry, commercial, and even flood. When I refer to a policy’s limits, I’m referring to the maximum amount of coverage available on the policy for a specific item. The question we’ll answer in this post is how to obtain coverage beyond a standard flood insurance policy’s limits.

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Flood Insurance and Cleaning Up After The Flood

One of my Houston clients called me in April. It was the morning after they’d been evacuated by boat from their home in the middle of the night as north west Houston flooded. The water eventually reached 10 feet deep in the street and topped out about 2 plus feet on the first floor of her and her husband’s home. I used that conversation to review the preparations she and her husband made in advance of the floodwaters and outline a plan of what to do when the water receded. They good news is they have flood insurance!

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