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New Safety Technology for Older Vehicles

Some friends of ours recently purchased a new Toyota Highlander. It’s equipped with some nice safety technology standard including blind spot and lane departure warning, a backup camera, and automatic breaking so you don’t rear end the person in front of you if they brake unexpectedly. I believe technology like this has the potential to help people be safer drivers and avoid accidents.

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6 Car Safety Technologies Available Now

Yahoo posted an article by Popular Mechanics on Monday which listed 6 futuristic safety technologies arriving now on some 2015 models. It’s an impressive list that provides us with insight into where car technology is headed as car manufacturers seek to make safer vehicles.

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The Surprising Results of One Safety Technology

My mom has discovered texting at 79 years of age. It’s very entertaining to read the text messages she sends. My mom feels like a technology power user because she discovered she doesn’t have to type text messages on her Android smart phone; she has speech to text capability. What’s entertaining is the spelling that comes through on her texts due to her thick Southern drawl.

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