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Aluminum Wiring and The Dream House

I got a call from my realtor friend, John Brooks of JP and Associates, a couple of weekends ago. John was helping a young couple with their first home and they’d just received the inspection report. Everything about the home was perfect except for one thing: it was wired with aluminum wiring.

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5 Home Gotchas that are Tough to Insure

Every couple of months, I get a call from a realtor, an insurance agent, or a mortgage loan officer. The stories are variations on a theme; they have a client that’s trying to buy a home but there’s one little issue that’s threatening to derail the close. Usually these gotchas present themselves when the home buyer has found their dream home only to discover their current insurer is unable to insure it. This usually is not discovered until two weeks or less before the scheduled close and creates a mad scramble to find insurance for the buyer’s dream home. They call me.

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