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Car Insurance and College Students

If you have a son or daughter heading off to college, you’re in the midst of getting everything together, packed, and ready to either take them to school or preparing them to head off on their own. As busy are you may be right now, there are a couple of car insurance related topics that are worth taking a few moments to examine as a parent, and to talk about with your son or daughter before they step onto campus.

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College Students and Car Insurance

Having a child go to college is a wonderful and sometimes slightly scary time for most parents. Son or daughter is spreading their wings, stepping out on their own and beginning to prepare for life as an adult while they figure what their future holds. It is also a time when a son or daughter begins to make decisions for themselves, some of which have adult level consequences.

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Your friend wrecked your car. Who pays?

Imagine with me three different scenarios. I’m sure you may identify with one of these examples! You’re hosting a dinner for friends. You need one last item from Whole Foods so you give some money and your car keys to one of your guests and ask them to get it for you. The store’s only two minutes away. What could go wrong?

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