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Home Insurance, HOAs, and Paid Off Mortgages

I received an email over the weekend that asked an interesting question with implications for homeowners and homeowner associations. The question came from an individual who handles the association insurance policy for a community of duplexes owned by active adults over 55. Her question addressed a concern she has about several homeowners who have paid off their mortgages and, as a result, may not carry home insurance. She asked, “If one side of [a] duplex is damaged who repairs the whole roof?”

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A Baker’s Dozen Ways to Save on Home Insurance

No one wants to pay more for their Texas home insurance than they have to any more than they want to pay their hard earned money to someone who’ll nickel and dime a claim. What people want is to pay a fair price for their home insurance without being over or under insured. With that in mind, here are a dozen ways you can save on your Texas home insurance.

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