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5 Topics to Cover with Aging Parents

I am a baby boomer. Both my parents are alive and in relatively good health, however, they aren’t getting any younger. I’ve attempted to discuss several of these topics with my dad over the past several years. He politely assures me he has it handled and that’s the extent of the conversation, however, I don’t know what that means nor do I have any knowledge of what he or my mother truly want.

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Long Term Care Insurance: 3 Trends and 3 Questions

The Dallas Morning News published an interesting article on long term care (LTC) insurance over the past a few days ago. It was an excellent reminder that LTC insurance should be a part of everyone’s financial planning, especially baby boomers. Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 people a day and this number is projected to continue for the next 19 years. That’s over 3.6 million people a year!

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An Introduction to Long Term Care Insurance

I received an email from a friend and client of mine a couple of weeks ago. She’s a single executive in her 40’s at a company in Dallas and she wanted to meet for coffee to discuss long term care insurance. Her email contained an amount of coverage she wants to have, so I gathered the information I needed to construct a quote to help guide our discussion.

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