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Connie Freeman & Barnabas Journey: Helping people live life honestly & develop new tools

Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? You feel like an empty shell and each day is a repeat of the last? Or maybe your life is running 100 miles an hour but it seems like it’s headed in the wrong direction and you’re unable to put on the brakes or change direction?

Maybe the prince charming or fairy princess you thought you’d married 10 or 20 years ago really did turn out to be the frog and you feel trapped in a dull, emotionless marriage without a flicker of passion? The relationship that once stirred your soul now barely stirs your morning coffee?

Could it be that you’re once again on the verge of incredible success but you’re sabotaging your own success because you don’t feel worthy? Or maybe life’s good and has been rocking along but it’s time for the 60,000 mile checkup?

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