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When More Than One Type of Liability Coverage is Needed

I’m working with a Dallas area consulting firm which has experienced explosive growth over the past year in terms of both people and revenues. They are negotiating a lease for their first office space and will move out of the owner’s home in the coming months. It’s a very exciting time for them involving a lot of moving pieces, insurance being one of them.

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In Home Child Care and Home Insurance

My mother in law has offered child care in her Mesquite home for 2 decades. It’s been a labor of love for her. She loves kids. It’s also been a source of income for her. Many of the kids she’s watched have grown up and are now parents themselves. The number of high school and college graduations she’s been invited to is astounding. The long term reward has not been the income, although that’s been helpful. Her reward is watching the children grow up and knowing she’s played a part in them becoming adults.

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Exotic pets & home insurance

Say the word pet and most people think dog, cat, hamster, gerbil, fish, or bird. Some will think of turtles, lizards, or sugar gliders. In Texas, we may even think in terms of horses. Other people think in terms of more exotic animals such as …

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