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Home Insurance and Second Homes

Sheri and I went backpacking in Colorado last week for our vacation. It was wonderful to get out of the 100 degree temps in Dallas and enjoy some milder weather, the mountain views, and the challenge of breathing while lugging a pack up a 13,000 foot pass. Before, and after, our two person tent became our abode for three nights, we stayed in a condo. Like many condos in Colorado’s ski areas, this one is a family’s second home, and it led me to think about home insurance for second homes.

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An Introduction to Long Term Care Insurance

I received an email from a friend and client of mine a couple of weeks ago. She’s a single executive in her 40’s at a company in Dallas and she wanted to meet for coffee to discuss long term care insurance. Her email contained an amount of coverage she wants to have, so I gathered the information I needed to construct a quote to help guide our discussion.

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