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Motorcycle Insurance Rating Factors

How much does motorcycle insurance cost? That’s a common question I get from new riders or people who’ve relocated to Dallas and brought their bike with them. Frankly, it’s hard to answer as there are a number of factors that determine the rate you’ll pay for a motorcycle insurance policy. I thought it would be good to follow up with what some of those are after last week’s post on motorcycle coverage (see https://wiseinsurancegroup.com/motorcycle-insurance-coverage/). I’ve organized them into three different categories of factors including bike, rider, and coverage related.

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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

The sound and throb of an idling V-Twin motorcycle is music to my ears, especially with a nice set of pipes. After listening to a beautiful Harley, I thought it was time to revisit motorcycle insurance with an overview. This will be the first in a two part series. In this post, I’ll provide an overview of the sections of a motorcycle insurance policy and will follow it next week with an outline of factors that impact a policy’s rate.

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