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Do These Car Insurance Claims Count?!

I had two interesting conversations over the past two weeks. One was with a client I was assisting with their car insurance renewal, the other was with a colleague who was working on a car insurance quote for a prospective client. Both of the conversations are worth sharing here as they provide a great lesson on how even a small claim can impact your car insurance rate.

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Home Insurance and Home Updates

I talked with three people who are buying homes in the Dallas / Fort Worth area in the coming weeks. There are a number of questions I ask anyone buying a new home or rental property. In addition to discussing the finish out of the home it’s important to know about the updates the home has had and when they occurred. This is especially true if the home is over 10 years old. The updates insurance companies want to know about and that I discuss are in four key areas: plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, as well as the roof.

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