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When is a New Car Covered by Your Insurance Policy?

Sheri and I were returning to Dallas after visiting family in Birmingham for Thanksgiving. A friend and client called me on my cell phone. Since it was Saturday, that usually means a couple of things such as they need help with a claim or a copy of their ID card because they’re getting their car inspected. In this case, it was neither, she was in the process of buying a new car, and before driving off the lot with her new car, the finance manager wanted to confirm she has a current and active car insurance policy.

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Car Insurance and Rental Cars

It’s hard to believe but summer’s only 5 weeks away and that means summer vacations are almost upon us. One of the questions I’m asked a couple of times a year by a client is whether or not their car insurance covers a rental car. It’s usually asked by someone who’s getting ready to go on a trip and rent a car in their destination.

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