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The Effect of the Fiduciary Ruling on Insurance

Earlier this year, the Department of Labor released a ruling subjecting all financial advisors who provide investment advice for retirement accounts to meet a fiduciary standard. What has been interesting to watch are the reactions from both the insurance industry and those in the investment broker and advisor community.

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Talking with Your Insurance Company Can Cost You

Last year, I wrote a post, Insurance Apps & Insurer’s Use of Your Questions (see where I outlined two insurance related bills the Texas Legislature passed. One bill allows Texas drivers to carry proof of insurance on their smart phone, the other bill barred insurance companies from using customer inquiries to cancel or non-renew, or to increase their premiums.

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Insurance Advice to Newlyweds

Today, my wife, Sheri, and I are driving from Dallas to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to celebrate and support my niece as she marries one very lucky guy! It will be a great time celebrating their love and cheering them on, not to mention the family entertainment that usually accompanies a gathering like this.

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