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Two ways to insure your home office

?While most people still drive to an office each day to work, there’s been an explosion in the number of people working from home over the last two decades. This was made possible by inexpensive computers and the availability of high speed internet access. What used to be the norm for realtors and traveling sales people has become typical for …

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The importance of having a home inventory

client called me the other day to let me know she’d been robbed. She had arrived home to find her home had been broken into and several things taken. We reviewed what information she’d provided to the police, her home insurance deductible, and measures she could take in the coming days to potentially recover her valuables. As I think of her experience there are a couple of topics I’d like to cover over several blog postings including

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Pileup on I-10 & who’s at fault

?Several years ago, I rear ended a truck in stop and go traffic on I-35 in Dallas. It was my fault. Six years ago, I was rear ended by a truck and it was their fault. Usually the person who hits the person in front of them is at fault. Unless of course the person in front does something that would not be considered an intelligent move, like the guy who changed a tire in the middle of the road on a two lane highway! That was not the case last week!

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Two ways a town home can be insured

?Is a town home a house, a condo or something else? Since we’re discussing it from an insurance standpoint (we’ll ignore the real estate perspective), town homes can be viewed as;

A single family home (yes, even if it’s connected on both sides to neighbors)
It can also be viewed as a condo

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