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When is a New Car Covered by Your Insurance Policy?

Sheri and I were returning to Dallas after visiting family in Birmingham for Thanksgiving. A friend and client called me on my cell phone. Since it was Saturday, that usually means a couple of things such as they need help with a claim or a copy of their ID card because they’re getting their car inspected. In this case, it was neither, she was in the process of buying a new car, and before driving off the lot with her new car, the finance manager wanted to confirm she has a current and active car insurance policy.

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Sold your Car? Keep or Cancel Your Car Insurance?

A client of mine sent me an email over the weekend letting me know he’d sold his car and had not replaced it yet. Since he’s engaged, he’s sharing his fiancé’s car until he replaces the sold one in the next couple of weeks. He asked an excellent question I run into from time to time; should he cancel his car insurance until he buys a replacement?

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