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Health Insurance and Emergency Room Coverage

Have you noticed that emergency rooms began popping up in neighborhoods like Starbucks or 7-Elevens over the past couple of years? They promise you’ll be seen quickly with little or no wait time and health insurance should cover it, even if it’s out of network, since it’s an emergency room visit, right? It turns out, that may not be the case.

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An Introduction to Pet Insurance

Pets have a profound impact on us. They can be funny, sing along with us, nudge us to scoot over, chase their tail, roll around to scratch their back, jumping at their reflection, or trying to figure out how to play with a household appliance. They can comfort us at the end of a long day greeting us with a wagging tail, rest their head on our leg to comfort us, or sit on our lap asking for some attention – now! In many ways they seem to love us unconditionally in the way few humans do.

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