Tag: Hurricane Sandy

An introduction to flood insurance

There are a number of perils, types of things that can happen to your home, that aren’t covered by your home policy. The same is true for renters, condo and town home policies. One of those perils is flood. Hurricane Sandy, and even Irene from 2011 are great reminders that flooding happens. Damage to your home and even your personal property or contents is not covered if it’s lost or damaged by a flood.

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Hurricane Sandy numbers & initial lessons

?There are always an interesting set of numbers about any storm like Sandy. Here are some of the ones I thought to be interesting,
– 932 – The number of miles across / wide for the storm. This distance is about the distance from New York to Jacksonville, Florida. At its largest, Sandy would have covered almost 1/3 of the United States.
– 13.88 – The height in feet for the storm surge that occurred from the wind pushing the water that high.

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Disaster preparation lessons from Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast, I’m reminded how important it is to be prepared for a natural disaster. It doesn’t have to be a hurricane that forces an evacuation. The disaster could be a flood (remember what happened in the Midwest last year), wildfires (Texas last year), hurricanes (Katrina, Ike, & Sandy), tornadoes (Joplin, Missouri & Tuscaloosa, Alabama) or an earthquake.

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