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Home Insurance Options Continued

Last week, I introduced 5 home insurance options home owners should consider, but that barely scratches the surface. Depending on the insurance company, there may be up to 2 dozen options, and what would life be without options?! Since no home policy covers everything, these options help tailor the coverage of a policy to the individual needs of each home owner. Here are 5 more options worth knowing about!

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Home Insurance vs. Home Warranties

Last week, I helped a family in Allen, Texas change their home and car insurance from the carrier they were with to one of the insurance companies we work with. The wife and I were reviewing what the new home insurance policy covered and she asked an excellent question: does the new policy cover the air conditioning unit? Instead of simply answering her question, I wanted to confirm what she meant by the policy covering the air conditioning unit. It turns out, she wanted to know if the home insurance policy will replace their A/C unit when it wears out.

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