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The Importance of a Home Inventory

On Saturday, April 26, a low pressure front swept out of the Rockies across Texas, the southern plains, and across the southeast. It collided with moist air from the Gulf spawning 36 tornadoes over 8 states ranging from Arkansas to Virginia. As if the tornadoes weren’t enough, the same storm system dumped 12 to 18 inches of rain across Alabama and the Florida pan handle before swinging up the Atlantic coast causing widespread flooding.

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The importance of having a home inventory

client called me the other day to let me know she’d been robbed. She had arrived home to find her home had been broken into and several things taken. We reviewed what information she’d provided to the police, her home insurance deductible, and measures she could take in the coming days to potentially recover her valuables. As I think of her experience there are a couple of topics I’d like to cover over several blog postings including

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