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The Tornado, The Mattress, & The Claim

?During the days of May 3 through 6 in 1999, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas and Tennessee experienced a huge tornadic event. Approximately 66 storms swept through these States. The most devastating was an F5 level tornado that struck Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs of Bridge Creek, Moore, Del City, Tinker Air Force Base, and Midwest City. The storm claimed the lives of 48 people and caused $1.1 Billion in damage. Many homes were wiped clean, leaving only rubble strewn slabs of which most were warped by the suction of the funnel.

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Jewelry, Artwork & Collectibles; Does your home policy cover these?

?Early in my career I met with a client to review the changes we’d made to her homeowner’s policy. She’d completed a remodeling project so we updated the amount of coverage on her home. She gave me a tour of her home and then we sat down at the dining room table to review the policy changes. There were 4 beautiful paintings hanging on the walls and I asked her if they were originals. With pride, she beamed they were. The value of the paintings was about $32,000.00. We had discussed everything else except the artwork.

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