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Liability Coverage, Deductibles and Your Home Insurance Policy

Two weeks ago, I provided an overview of the coverage contained in a Texas home insurance policy (see https://wiseinsurancegroup.com/a-texas-home-insurance-overview/). Last week, we dug deeper into the policy with a look at the four categories of property coverage including dwelling, other structures, personal property, and additional living expenses (see https://wiseinsurancegroup.com/4-property-coverage-categories-home-insurance-policy/). In this week’s post, we’ll examine personal property, medical coverage, and policy deductibles.

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Home Insurance Deductibles

Texas home insurance policies are divided into sections. The first section outlines four core property coverage items (see Last week, we looked at the second section which outlines liability coverage, or coverage that protects you if something happens to someone in your home or on your property (see This week, we’ll continue this by looking at policy deductibles.

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Roofs and Home Insurance

Roofs are one of those things that keeps coming up when I talk with people about home insurance in Texas. This is because roofs impact homeowners and home buyers in so many ways: they can cause the home insurance to cost more, cost less, or impact it in how a weather related claim is paid (see

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