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What Will You Do in 2017?

2017 begins on Sunday. People are planning how they’ll spend New Year’s Eve and many are even thinking of New Year’s Resolutions and goals for the coming year. TV is flooded with commercials to lose weight, quit smoking, or join a gym seem to get in the best shape of your life. A new year is like a stack of clean paper begging us to write a better life story.

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Blown Your New Year’s Resolutions? Try This!

New Year’s Day is over and 2015 is off and running. The flood of TV commercials and postcards encouraging me to have a better year, lose weight, and join a gym seem to crowd out the other messages I’m bombarded with. It’s normal to think about how this year can be better than last year and make resolutions, but are resolutions the way to do it?

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An Alternative to New Year Resolutions

Christmas has come and gone. Presents have been unwrapped and the leftovers from the ham or turkey, cookies, and pies are being consumed. New Year’s Day is next week and the commercials for losing weight, smoking cessation, and gym memberships play during all the shows on TV. At this time, many people’s thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions and how to live life better.

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