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Car Insurance, Hackers, and On-Board Computers

GM recently announced it was hiring several “white hat” hackers to determine system vulnerabilities on their vehicles. These hackers will work closely with GM on their “Bug Bounty” to attempt to penetrate the vehicles computers systems to find out if owner’s data can be stolen and cars can be hacked or taken control while someone is driving.

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Privacy Rights and Your Car

Is privacy dead? Most of us know that if we write a blog, tweet, share on Facebook, pin something on Pinterest, or share a video on YouTube, it’s probably not private. The same goes for email and those cookies which seem to track every website we visit. But did you know your car may have the ability to share more about you than you’d like?

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Car Insurance and Autonomous Cars

Autonomous or driverless, cars have been in the news a lot in the past few weeks. General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced in early September Cadillac will introduce a model in 2016 which will be equipped with its Super Cruise technology. Super Cruise provides, at least initially, the ability for the car to drive itself on the freeway by handling the duties of accelerating, braking, and steering the car.

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