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Home Insurance Claim Steps

Sheri and I headed to join friends over the New Year’s holiday after checking in with all our clients located in and around where the tornadoes struck Garland, Rowlett, and the surrounding areas last week. We drove out I-30 toward where the twister struck near where the George Bush tollway and I-30 intersect. The damage sustained by the apartment buildings on the south side of the freeway was incredible; starting with rubble and progressing along the buildings to lost roofs and major damage.

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Home Insurance Claims After the Storm

This past Saturday was a warm day, shorts and t-shirt weather for most of the day. The weather report called for a cool front to move in that afternoon and evening. It did and the collision of the cool front with the warm air moving up from the Gulf set off a chain of thunderstorms and up to 9 reported tornadoes that ranged from Waxahachie, through Garland, Rowlett, and past Lake Lavon in Collin County. The extent of damage wasn’t known until Sunday.

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