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Financial Challenges When a Spouse Dies

Are you financially prepared if your husband or wife dies? Based on the results of a study commissioned by New York Life, the answer is a resounding No! 68% of women survivors and nearly half of male survivors reported significant life changes following the loss of their spouse with financial concerns topping the list.

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Life insurance and kids

Sheri and I have a blended family. Between the two of us, we have 7 kids and 5 grandkids, the latest arrived Wednesday night at 7:30. She’s beautiful just in case you were wondering! Her arrival reminded me of a question I’m occasionally asked by people who are evaluating life insurance after the birth of a child, and that is, should they get a life policy for their new bundle of joy?

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Do Your Parents Need Life Insurance?

A friend of mine is engaged and will marry soon. The fiancé’s dad passed away recently without any life insurance. This put the family in the position of having to pay for all of the funeral related expenses. With the average cost of a funeral running $10,000 or more, this can put a financial strain on the surviving spouse and adult children at a time that’s emotionally difficult

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