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A Very Important Condo Insurance Option to Have!

There are options for water leaks and the damage they cause, home equipment breakdown coverage, replacement cost versus actual cash value coverage, identity theft, credit card fraud, and even scheduled items coverage. There is one option no condo insurance policy should be without though…

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The Two Ways Condo Insurance Can Be Written

I have been working with a first-time condo buyer over the last week. As we reviewed the different condo insurance options available to her from all our carriers, I was reminded of the two different ways insurance companies approach insuring a condo. Let’s look at what condo insurance is designed to cover from a property standpoint and then address how different carriers approach it.

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Two ways a town home can be insured

?Is a town home a house, a condo or something else? Since we’re discussing it from an insurance standpoint (we’ll ignore the real estate perspective), town homes can be viewed as;

A single family home (yes, even if it’s connected on both sides to neighbors)
It can also be viewed as a condo

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