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A Renter’s Story & Why You Should Have Renter’s Insurance

I got a text message from a client and friend of mine, John Brooks. John’s a realtor with Keller Williams in Dallas (www.johnbrookstherealtor.com) and he and his wife, Aggie, live in a loft style apartment near downtown. The text message was a picture of their dog watching a fan blow air across the floor that let me know they’d experienced a water leak. I called John while m y wife, Sheri, and I were heading to meet some friends for dinner, so I could get the full scoop.

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Two ways to insure your home office

?While most people still drive to an office each day to work, there’s been an explosion in the number of people working from home over the last two decades. This was made possible by inexpensive computers and the availability of high speed internet access. What used to be the norm for realtors and traveling sales people has become typical for …

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