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Returning Home After the Harvey Leaves

The sun peeked out Wednesday afternoon for a few minutes over west Houston reminding everyone briefly that it still is there. This was followed by heavy rains stretching from Houston to almost New Orleans as Tropical Storm Harvey moved back onshore and headed in a northeasterly direction. The end of the rain may be in sight but it will take weeks or months before all the floodwaters in Houston and elsewhere recede and dry ground reappears.

Homeowners whose homes have been flooded, will be anxious to review the damage as quickly as possible. Here are some guidelines from FEMA I believe is important to share.

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The Cost of the Colorado Flood to Home Owners

The people affected by the recent Colorado floods have begun the process of rebuilding their lives as the water recedes from their homes, farms, and businesses. Many were stunned to learn their losses aren’t covered by their home owner’s policy and are wrestling with the financial implications of that news. Most people don’t know that no home insurance policy cover’s flood damage, only a flood policy does that.

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